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The coins named "Ponnachu", "Panam", "Kashu", "Azhakachu" and "Thiramam" were popular in Kerala between the ninth and 13th centuries.

There were separate coins for the Kolatihiri kings and the Zamorins. The "Pazhaya Panam" was issued by the Kolathiris while the "Veeraraman Puthiya Panam" was of the Zamorins.

The gold coins of Travancore kings were called "Anantharaman Panam" and "Ananthavarahan Panam". The coin of Kochi kings were called "Puthan".

Some coins of the Roman Empire were discovered from Kannur in 1851. 13 gold coins and and 71 Roma Denarius were discovered from Eymal. The coins of Khalifas between AD 661 and 750 were discovered from Kothamangalam during 1960-61.

Roman, Arab and Sree Lankan coins were also discovered.

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