Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala


Archaeological studies provide valuable insights into the history of Kerala. Artefacts, monuments, inscriptions (sasanam), and ancient coins have an important role in Kerala’s archaeological studies.

Remnants of the pre-megalithic era, megalithic monuments, remnants of Buddha and Jain sects, Hindu temples, Christian churches, mosques, palaces and places of historic importance would come under the title archaeological monuments.

The stone inscriptions found in Kerala date back to various dynasties. Ancient foreign coins discovered from different parts of the State throw light on the international commercial relations of the past.

Megalithic monuments 

  1. Rock-cut Burial Chambers
  2. Dolmens, Hood stones (kudakkallu),
  3. Hat stones (thoppikkallu),
  4. Dolmenoid Burial Chambers,
  5. Burial urns,
  6. Menhirs, Pulachikallu, Nadukallu, Padakallu, Nannangadi, Panchapandava  trees

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