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Avittathur inscription

The Avittathur inscription is in the Thazhekad church at Avittathur near Irinjalakuda in Thrissur district, Kerala. It is about regulating the Poduwal and Ooralanmar in the administration of the region. The inscription made by Kulasekhara king Kotharavi says about the conditions laid when the Chrikkal nilam (king's property) was given to the Avittathur Siva temple. The rules named "Kadakottukacham" shows that the ooralanmar functioned under strict regulations. Some historians claim that the regulations were restricted for the ooralanmar in the Thazhekad Siva temple.

The Kadankattukacham is similar to the Moozhikulamkacham. A condition in the inscription is that the Ooralnmar and Poduwal should not interfere in the administration of a region named "Ayiravar".

The church has another inscription in which Jayasimhan allows two traders to set up shops at Thazhekad. This is called Thazhekad church inscription (AD 1024).

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