Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala

Chakka varattiyathu

The delicious ‘Chakka vararttiyathu’ is made by cooking ripe jackfruit with jaggery syrup till it is dry.

Deseed Varikkya chakka (varikkya is a variety of jackfruit), chop it into small pieces, cook and keep aside. Pour ghee into an uruli (a traditional circular cooking vessel made of bell metal) and then add the jackfruit pieces and jaggery syrup of ‘one-thread consistency’. Mix well and heat; keep mixing over the flame in order to get rid of the water content while making sure that the contents don’t stick to the uruli.

When the water content has completely evaporated, the jackfruit-jaggery mixture will start moving towards the centre of the uruli from the sides. At this point, mix in some cardamom, take off from the flame and allow your chakka varattiyathu to cool. This will keep, without going bad, for a long time.

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