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Chembre inscription

The Chembre stone inscriptions were found on the western side of the Lord Subramanya temple between Chalakkarakunnu and Chembrekunnu in Mahe. The inscription in the Vattezhuthu alphabet was issued in the 12th year (AD 955) of the rule of Kulasekhara Perumal Indeswaran Kotha.

It says that those who violate the temple rules would be considered like "those who married their mother". It says that the land is known as Mayyazhikkara, the temple has properties in 23 locations and the details of the temple management.

The inscription has reference in a Brahmin Sabha at a place called Edannur. Edannur does not belong to the 32 traditional Brahmin Sabhas in the state. It says about a sabha and orou in the same village. The assembly of Brahmins is called a sabha and the assembly of non-Brahmins is called ooru.

The second inscription, in an older script, says about forming a new devaswom and its functioning.

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