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Chinnamanur Inscription

The tenth century Chinnamanur inscription is a proof for the good relations between the Chera and Pandya dynasties during the reign of Ravivarma Kulasekharan (AD 890-917).

The inscription says that the wife of Pandya king Paranthaka Veeranarayanan (860-905) was Sreevanavan Mahadevi. A village at Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu bears the name "Cheran Mahadevi" (Sherma Devi in local parlance).  

On the basis of the reference to "vanchi on the banks of the Ponni river" in the inscription, some claim that Vanchi is Karur, a place on the banks of the Ponni river (Amaravathi) in Tiruchirappalli district.

Some others claim that as Vanchi (Vanchimuthoor) and Karur (Karavur) were capitals of the Chera dynasty, the second capital Karavur would have been described as Vanchi.

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