Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala

Directorate of Culture

The Department, Directorate of Culture, under the State Government, was formed to preserve and promote Kerala’s unique culture. Over the years, this Department has taken on the mantle of the guardian of Kerala’s cultural heritage. A number of cultural institutions function under the umbrella of this department. These include research institutions, institutes, academies including those named after luminaries in various fields, ‘bhavans’, and the Kerala Kalamandalam.

The Department undertakes and successfully implements various projects to carry out its mission, and also actively recognizes and encourages exceptional work done by other institutions and individuals through a number of awards and prizes. The scope of its work extends from wide-ranging activities like the preservation and protection of Kerala’s heritage, history and ancient monuments; and the promotion of the indigenous performing and ritual arts; to the observation of culturally significant days, as well as days dedicated to those who have made outstanding contributions to the cultural ethos of the State.

Cultural News