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Erishery is made from yam, banana and brown beans. (The brown beans can be substituted with green gram.) The banana should be in the ‘starting to ripe’ stage. Tapioca and air potato (also a type of yam) are also sometimes used.

Skin the yam and the air potato and chop into largish pieces. To this, add the properly cleaned brown beans. Cook this mixture with water. The water used should be just enough for cooking. When the vegetable pieces and the beans are cooked, mix the vegetables with a ladle so that they are slightly mashed, add salt and keep aside.

Grind together, to a rough paste, grated coconut, turmeric and chilli powder. Keep aside. Then make a smooth paste of cumin seeds, garlic and pepper. Add this with some water to the vegetables-beans mixture and bring it to boil.

Splutter mustard seeds in a wok and into it add some ural dal and the coconut. Once the dal and the coconut have been fried to a brown colour, add them to the curry. With that, your erishery is ready.

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