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Ezhamathu Kali

Ezhamathukali, a folk art form closely related with the ancient Sanghakali, is also known as Ezhamadukali, Ezhamuthipurappad etc. Usually played in staged  during the night, at first the performers of Ezhamathukali sit before a lighted traditional lamp. The teams participating in the play will as questions in the form of songs.

Chenda, maddalam, ilathalam and chengila are the instruments used for the performance. Along with the songs, different characters appear on stage and most of them would be funny characters trying to amuse the spectators. A striking feature of the play is that the team which cannot answer the questions will have to enact the role of the comedians. As part of the play, the leader of the group will designate funny names to the group members. Some of the names were Valatti, Kaka etc.

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