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Kalamezhuthu is a ritual art form of Kerala wherein the deity’s form is drawn on the floor using five types of coloured powders. This is practiced by many communities in Kerala and is a part of many ritual forms. Kalamezhuthu and Pattu is conducted to propitiate the deities and to avoid untoward happenings. It is practiced during festivals in Bhadrakali (Mother Goddess) temples, and on special occasions in SarppaKavu (groves sacred to snakes) and AyyappanKavu (temples dedicated to Lord Ayyappa). Various deities are picturised using coloured powders. Kalamezhuthu is done by various communities such as Kaniyan, Vannan, Puluvar, Malayan, Pulayar, Maavilar, Munnoottan, Parayan, Paniyan, Aaviyar, Velan, Mannaan, Koppaalan, Kuravar, Theeyaattunni, Theeyadi Nambiar, Theyyampadi Nambiar, Varanattu Kuruppanmar, Kallatta Kuruppanmar, Puthusseri Kuruppanmar, Marar and so on.

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