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Kandiyur inscriptions

The Kandiyur inscriptions are two rock inscriptions at the Kandiyur Siva temple, situated about two km from Mavelikkara in Alappuzha district. The Kandiyur Mattam was the capital of erstwhile Odanad kingdom. The "Kandiyur Sabdam", an year was started with the establishment of the Kandiyur temple which belongs to the Odanad king.

One of the inscription that dates back to AD 946 is in the Vattezhuthu alphabet. It says about a condition for Thrikkunnapuzha Raman Thathan and Kodikkulam Eravikumaran who supervise the land and other valuables donated to the temple by Edanad Narayanan Chandrasekharan. They are directed to supply paddy and ghee to the temple in time.

The second inscription dates back to AD 1219. It is about the renovation of the Kandiyur temple by Odanad king Raman Kothavarman as per the direction of Venattadikal Ravi Keralavarma (1215-1240).

The renovation started on Thulam 17, Kollavarsham 319, and ended on Medam 8, Kollavarsham 393. The inscription has a reference to Unniyachi, the wife of Venattadikal. It shows that the Odanad would have been under the supremacy of Venad.

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