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Ramapuram Arattu Festival

Date:25-11-2018 to 02-12-2018

Sree Ramapuram Mahavishnu Temple, located at Palakkad is one of the Lord Vishnu temples in Kerala. The deity here is worshipped in the incarnation of Koorama (Turtle). The annual festival of this temple starts on Chothi asterism and ends on Thiruvonam asterism in the  Malayalam month of Thulam.  

During the last three days of the festival is celebrated in a grand way with procession accompanying caparisoned elephants along with percussion music. 

The other festivals of this temple are Ekadeshi festival, celebrated in Vrishchikam (November - December ) for a day and Prathishta Festival on the Rohini asterism in the Malayalam month of Medam (April-May). 

Main Attraction

Arattu Festival




Sree Ramapuram Mahavishnu Temple

Vadakkanthara PO
Palakkad - 678012
Contact: +91 491-2504851
Mob: 08943235858


Festival date
October- November (In the Malayalam month of Thulam)

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