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Kannambra Vela

Date:24-05-2019 to 25-05-2019

One of the biggest festivals in the Palakkad - Thrissur region, the Kannambra - Rishinarada Mangalam Vela or Kannambra Vela is considered as the culmination of the summer festivals. The annual festival of Sree Kurumba Bhagavathy Kavu, two competing groups Kannambra Desam and Rishinarada Mangalam Desam are the ones who lead the festivities.

The festival is celebrated on 10th or 11th of the Malayalam month of Edavam. Otherwise, from Vishu, the 41st day will be the Kannambra Vela.

Both the Desams stage a procession towards the temple and is accompanied by about seven elephants and the traditional orchestras such as Panchavadyam, Pandi melam, and Desa Vadyam. The centered elephant holds the ‘Thidambu’ of the Goddess making for a grand spectacle.

Vaalum Chilambum Ezhunnallathu, a colourful procession indicating the arrival of the Goddess to bless the devotees and Eedu Vedi –fireworks at noon, are two of the main highlights of the festival.

The festival is also nicknamed as 'Chakka Vela' which relates it to a story about the harvest of jackfruits and mangoes during this period. 

Main Attraction

Elephant Procession




Sree Kurumba Bhagavathy Kavu

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Festival date
10 or 11 in the Malayalam month of Edavam

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