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Panthrandu Vilakku

Date:17-11-2019 to 28-11-2019

The Ochira Parabrahma Temple is one of the popular shrines located in Kollam district.  Every year the temple celebrates Panthrandu Vilakku from 1-12 days in the Malayalam month of Vrischikam (Mid November). 

Ochira Kali is a ritualistic festival celebrated here. The very air is a palpable mix of fun and frolic on the two main days of the festival for it involves a mock battle between two groups to the sound of drums in a waterlogged field called padanilam. Next year the Ochira Kali will be held on 15th – 16th of June. 

Erupathettam Onam is also celebrated here. 

Unlike other traditional temples, the Ochira Temple situated near the National Highway between Kollam and Alappuzha does not have a definite structural layout, idol or mode of worship. Here, the whole concept of worship revolves around the Parabrahmam or the universal consciousness. It is this uniqueness that makes this temple stand apart from the rest.

Main Attraction

Panthrandu Vilakku, Ochira Kali



Panthrandu Vilakku
Panthrandu Vilakku



Ochira Parabrahma Temple

Oachira Road
Oachira, Kollam
Kerala - 690526
Phone: +91 476 269 0721
Mob: 9447222113


Festival date
Mid November (1-12 of the Malayalam month of Vrischikam)

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