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Thirukachamkurissi Arattu Festival

Date:18-04-2019 to 27-04-2019

Thirukachamkurissi Perumal Temple, an ancient place of worship, is located at the foot of the Anamalai hills of the Western Ghats, at Payyalur in Palakkad. Dedicated to Chaturbahu Mahavishnu (four-handed Lord Vishnu) and worshipped as Perumal. The annual ten-day festival of Perumal temple starts with a Kodiyettam on Atham asterism and ends on the Thiruvonam asterism in the Vaishaka Month of Saka Calendar. 

Legends are being heard that Sage Kashyapa was attracted to the peace of this place and come to meditate in its hilly surroundings. It is believed that as a result of Kashyapa's penance, Lord Vishnu appeared before him. Kashyapa's desire was that the Lord should remain with him always, in that peaceful atmosphere. Lord consented to his wish, and it is believed that the sage installed and consecrated the idol of Mahavishnu seated on the coils of Adishesha. Later the little hillock on which the temple is located came to be known as `Kachamkurissi' (meaning the Hill of Kashyapa).

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Arattu Festival




Thirukachamkurissi Perumal Temple

Palakkad - 678506
Contact: 09895224975, 09747534455, 09495230174


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April -May

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