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Thirunelli Vishu Festival

Date:15-04-2019 to 16-04-2019

Thirunelli Maha Vishnu Temple, one of the prominent Lord Vishnu temples in Kerala, embodies classical, traditional Kerala architecture. This famous pilgrim centre attracts hordes of devotees especially for performing ancestral rites at Papanasini, a stream that originates from the Brahmagiri hills. It is believed that a ritual dip in its crystal clear waters is believed to wash away one’s worldly sins.

The major Vishu festival of Thirunelli temple falls on the 1st of the Malayalam month of Medam (April). This two-day festival is noted for the Kolkali (a tribal art form) performance by the Kuruma tribe. 

The shrine is protected with 30 granite columns and the ground is paved with huge square pieces of granite.

Other festivals celebrated
Chuttuvilakku, which falls on the 18th of Malayalam month of Dhanu (January); Prathista Dinam, which falls on the Aswathy asterism in the Malayalam month of Meenam (March-April) and Sivarathri 

Bali Tharpanam at Thirunelli 
Vaishaka season starts with the ritual called Bali Tharpanam for departed souls and forefathers is conducted at the temple. This ritual can be conducted by the devotees on the Malayalam months of Thulam (October-November), Edavam (May-June), Karkitakam (July-August). 

Main Attraction

Vishu Festival, Bali Tharpanam




Thirunelli Mahavishnu Temple

Thirunelli PO
Wayanad - 670646
Contact: 09495907197


Festival date
April (On Vishu day)

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