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This is another script which was used to write Malayalam in the ancient days. Like ‘Vattezhuthu’, Kolezhuthu also had no consonants. The script was recorded using sharp writing tools like ‘kol’ or “ezhuthani’ and hence the name ‘Kolezhuthu’. According to Dr. K. Goda Varma Raja, Kolezhuthu was more popular in the Kochi and Malabar areas. Both ‘Vattezhuthu’ and ‘Kolezhuthu’ are similar script systems. 

A number of documents unearthed show that these scripts had been widely used and that till the beginning of the 20th century, the Muslims of Malabar used ‘Kolezhuthu’ script.  The absence of consonants in both these scripts prove that they along with Tamil script, originated from the same family.

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