Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala


Koothambalam is a specially created stage as laid down by Sage Bharatha’s Natyasastra. As far as Kerala is concerned, Koothu, Kutiyattam, Nangiarkoothu are performed at Koothambalams. Koothambalams on traditional lines exist at Vadakunnatha Temple (Thrissur), Koodalmanikyam Temple (Irinjalakkuda), Lakshmana Swami Temple (Moozhikulam) and Subrahmania Swami Temple (Harippad). Taking a cue from all these places the renowned engineer and art enthusiast D. Appukuttan Nair designed the Koothabalam at Kalamandalam.

The Koothambalam built in 1976 is so captivating that performers and the audience are awestruck by its beauty. On the pillars erected in the Koothabalam there are 108 dance forms engraved. These designs are in consonance with the instructions given in Natyasastra. Teak wood and rose wood are used in the construction of the Koothambalam. Behind the stage there is a chamber (green room) and other facilities. Exponents of different forms of art consider it a rare privilege to perform in the Koothambalam. Equally so it is a memorable experience to the audience.

The Koothambalam has under gone renovation. It still retains its past glory. Besides artists of Kalamandalam, performers from abroad and outside Kerala present dance, music and other art forms.

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