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Kothamooriyattam is a traditional folk art form popular in Kannur and Kasaragod districts of Kerala. It is believed that Godawari is a holy cow of devalokom (god’s place). Godawariyattam later become Kothamooriyattom. Kothamoori is the rustic form of Godawari. The Malayan community prominently enacts the role of Kothamoori. In some places, it is performed by the Panan community.

Kothamooriyattam begins after the tenth day of the Malayalam month of Thulam (October). Kothamooritheyyam and paniyan along with instrumentalist visit houses. Boys don the role of Kothamoori. The costumes and face drawings are very simple. Chayilyam is applied on the face. Hair is cut round. A form in the shape of a cow is attached to the waist. There will be three or four paniyans. The dress would be made of tender palm leaves. They will be accompanied by chenda and veeku players. Women would gather around singing songs.

The Kothamoori group will sing and dance. The usual songs are Harinarayana sthuthi, Sreekrishna sthuti, Annapoorneshwari charitam, Madayi Kavilamma sthuti and Polipattu. The relationship between Godawari and Sreekrishna can be seen in Kothamooriyattom. The Kothamoori song begins with the praise of Lord Krishna.

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