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Kolathur inscription

The Kolathur inscription is a stone inscription found in the courtyard of Kolathurappan temple at Kolathur, north east of Kozhikode. There are 19 lines in the inscription and first eight letters have deteriorated and are hence unreadable.

It says about an offering to the lord by Venattadikal on the occasion of the 38th anniversary of the reign of Manukuladitya Perumal. The inscription was carved by the Kurumbranad king as directed by the "ooru" of Kolathur and the Poduval.

The Manukuladitya Perumal referred in it is believed to be Bhaskara Ravi who issued the Jewish inscription. He started rule in AD 962 and the inscription dates back to his 38th year of rule (AD 1000).

As the Jewish inscription and Kolathur inscriptions were carved in the same year it is assumed that the Venattadikal mentioned in the inscription is Govardhan Marthandan.

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