Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala

Kunjali Marakkar Memorial Museum

The Kunjali Marakkar Memorial Museum is located at Iringal near Vadakara in Koyilandi Taluk, Kozhikode. The house which belonged to the successors of Kunjali Marakkar, the naval chieftains of the Zamorins in Kozhikode, is a single storey building built in laterite stones and has been converted to a memorial by the state archeological department.

A museum has also established in the building behind the memorial, which gives an introduction to the history of the Kunjali Marakkars. The exhibits in the museum include the sword used by the legendary warrior, Kunjali Marakkar, and cannon balls and some other war relics belonging to the period of the Zamorins can be seen here. 

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