Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala

Mangalam Kali

Mangalam Kali is a folk dance performing as entertainment mainly performed during marriage functions. As it was related to Mangalam or auspicious functions, it came to be known as Mangalam kali. Common among Pulaya, Kurava, Malaya and Theeya communities in Kerala and Mangalam Kali is still prevalent among Mavila community in its purest form.

Mavilar has different types of songs for Mangalm Kali related to the occasions. They have this art form for Thalikettu (Marriage) Mangalam, Thirandu (announcement and celebration of puberty) Mangalam and Kathu Kuthu (ear piercing ritual) Mangalam and so on. 

Different communities have their own style of performance and Pulaya communities uses Para and Kunnupara as musical instruments. And mavilar uses about seven numbers of Thudi for their performance. A group of thirty people will dance and sing to the music in circle with fast rhythmic steps. Both females and males participated in the performance.Recently Mangalam Kali has acquired a place in various cultural stage programmes in the state.


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