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Mayyazhi Puzhayude Theerangalail

Mayyazhi Puzhayude Theerangalail- a novel that throws light on the hybrid past of Mahe (Mayyazhi), a union territory surrounded by Kerala on all sides.

M. Mukundan, the celebrated Malayalam novelist penned the very soul and rhythm of Mahe with great emotional detail. Inspired by the lives of the families out there, Mukundan reveals the untold story of Mayyazhi through his masterpiece novel.  Mahe, a former French colony shares a socio-political atmosphere that is quite different from other States.  The plot revolves around the amalgamation of native myths and the French sophistication.

The protagonist Dasan, symbolising the angry young man, believed in the freedom of Mayyazhi from the hands of the French while members of the older generations like Kurambiyamma are inclined to its mystic charm. A struggle between these two ethoses while trudging through the hassles of life and the birth of the revolution is what the novel depicts.

Dasan followed communist ideology and therefore refused the job offered by the French officials and took part in the freedom struggle instead.  Besides the political side, a vivid and dreamy side of Mayyazhi is also portrayed by the author through the love of Dasan and Chandrika.

Dasan who was sentenced by the French for 12 years of imprisonment escapes captivity and leads the freedom struggle against the French establishment.  With the leadership of Dasan the Indian Flag flutters above Mahe with utmost pride and dignity. As a valiant hero, Dasan, at last, follows the footsteps of his girlfriend who was caught in the hands of death and reaches the abode of her soul on Velliyankallu. Mayyazhi believes that the dragonflies in Velliyankallu are the souls of the dead.

An array of imposing characters with definite individuality that ranges from the impotent Gaston to the luscious courtesan Kunhichirutha is a notable feature of the novel.  The novel touches the soul of the village life as it moves through the myths and mysteries of the mystic land of Velliyankallu, the gulikan who cursed Kunjan, the Kali (Goddess) and so many other legends and tales.  It pictures the history of Mahe, its first, second and third revolutions, its life and romance with utmost honesty and reliability making it apt to be titled as the magnum opus of M. Mukundan. 

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