Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala


Message from Shri. A. K. Balan, Minister for Culture, Kerala

The Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala does a pivotal role in identifying, sustaining and promoting the many hues of the State’s cultural fabric. The department continues to be the vanguard in maintaining the cultural vibes of the State appealing. It provides opportunities for people from different walks of life to join hands and explore possibilities for generating new thought-streams and transforming them into lasting cultural signatures.

Today, Kerala has emerged as a unique cultural destination among the States of India that offers visitors a great theatre of traditional cultural expressions as well as modern day ones like the biennale. The cultural playground of Kerala is rich. An exclusive website for the Department of Cultural Affairs will enable the State to present its cultural attractions to people from around the world in a vivid and authentic manner, backed by user-friendly and interactive multi-media tools.

I am sure that the overall activities of the department would acquire a new dimension and scale new heights through this website.   

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