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Nedumpuram Tali inscriptions

The Nedumpuram Tali inscriptions were discovered near the Vathil Madam (gateway) of Nedumpuram Tali temple (the now Wadakkancherry Tali) in Thrissur. One of the inscription was issued on the seventeenth year of the reign of Kulasekhara Perumal Kotharavi. There are differing opinions that the inscription date back to AD 900 or AD 934.

The temple is referred as "nithyavichareswaram tali". The topic of the inscription is a meeting of taliyar (administration committee) of the temple and adhikari (also called taliyathiri meaning authority) presided over by Venpolinad king that decided to leave the Ugramangalam and Eesanamangalam villages to meet the expenses of the temple.

This is the first inscription which uses the word "paattam" (rent). The penalty for defaulting paattam is to be paid in gold. It also has reference to nangamar. The nangamar or koothichis referred in many inscriptions are dancers. The remuneration (aniyam) to the nangamar is mentioned among the remunerations for nattuvanmar (dance teachers) and kantharpikal (actors). The remuneration are given in three categories - uthamam (excellent), madhyamam (medium) and adhamam (condemnable) - which shows that the nangamar were categorised.

Another inscription says about a land donation to the temple and the Kulasekhara Perumal mentioned in it is king Indukotha.

There is another inscription issued in the eleventh year (AD 973) of the reign of Bhaskara Ravivarma. It says about the amount of paddy to be given to the temple annually by Thribhuvana Mahadevi Chiritharanangachi. The description of the Nangachi's properties show that the Nangamar had huge land holdings. From the prefix Mahadevi it is assumed that she had connection with some royal family.

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