Issue - 5
February - 2015

Cultural News


Kerala Lalithakala Akademi

Kerala is world renowned for its rich heritage of fine arts. Established in 1962, the Kerala Lalithakala Akademi was created to serve the objective of conserving and promoting visual arts: painting, cultural organisation sculpture, architecture and graphics. It is an autonomous institution of the Government of Kerala.

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Mr. Kannan Peruvannan

With almost a variety of four hundred Theyyams and each being unique in its features only a genius could master this beautiful art form. One such master performer of theyyam to whom Kerala would always be indebted to is the Nartakaratnam Kannan Pervannan.


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Pooram Festivals in Thrissur

Thrissur is synonymous with the world famous and spectacular Pooram Festival. The word “pooram” is rather interesting as it encompasses, with relative ease, a vast number of experiences including elephants, traditional music, culture, folk arts, faith, colourful vibrance and so on, all in six letters.

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Arabana Muttu

Arabana muttu or Aravana muttu is a popular Muslim art form in Malabar region of Kerala.  Named after the instrument used called aravana which is a hand-held one-sided flat round drum made of leather and wood, Arabana muttu is also known as Rebana.  

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Department of Culture, Government of Kerala