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These are “Kalangal” (drawings made on the floor) to perform Tantrik rituals and sorcery. The belief is that the deity that is worshipped dwells within these Padmams that are drawn using many coloured powders. Padmams can vary in shape from circle, triangle and square to straight line.

The Padmam is drawn using rice flour and then filled in with multi-coloured powders.

The padmams according to Tantrik rules are as follows: Swastikam, Navakam, Panchagavyam, Chathussudhi, Ashtadalam, MulayidunnaPadmam, AshtadalamDwadasanamam, Vasthubali, Sarppabali, Navagraham, Bhadrakam, Shaktidandhakabhabhram, Chakrabjam, Sivakumbhaswastikabhadrapadmam, swastika bhadrakam, shad dalam, shayyaveedhiswastikam, kalasapadmangal.

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