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Palayoor Pattayam

The Palayoor Pattayam (pattayam means title) are copper plate inscriptions discovered at the St Thomas  Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, Palayoor, Thrissur district. The church is believed to be established by Saint Thomas the Apostle in AD 52.

The pattayam written in AD 1606 (Kollavarsham 781) says about Kuttancheri Eravi Narayanan, an individual, giving some land to the church vicar as interest towards a loan. It was written by Madakkavil Chathappa Menon and a witness to the deal named Kothanalloor Nambudiri.

The pattayam is an interesting document as it speaks about the communal harmony which existed during the period - the church's money is lent to a non-Christian and the witness for the deal too is a non- Christian.

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