Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala

A Tribute for Pallavur Trinity

An institution named Vadya Kala Kshethram will be opened soon in Pallasana Village in Palakkad as a tribute to the Pallavur trinity to train Kerala’s youth in the traditional percussion instruments of the State. The institution aims to protect and promote traditional percussions like Thayambaka, Edakka, Sopanam Music, Melam and Panchavadyam.

Apart from training, the institution will have facilities to manufacture and sell instruments. It will also have a museum and research centre to display books and musical instruments. The institution will also house a space exclusively for the Pallavur Trinity: Appu Marar, Manian Marar and Kunjukutta Marar.

Kunissery Chandran, percussion artist, a member of the Pallavur family, is the President of the memorial committee and artist K. Ramadharan is the Secretary. Mr. A.K. Balan, Minister for Culture assured maximum support from the government for this new venture. 

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