Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala


Puppetry is a popular theatre art form which has its own unique styles in all over the world. An art form in which the performance is carried over by puppets or inanimate objects, often resembling human or animal figure, that are manipulated by an artist called as puppeteer.

In Kerala puppetries are of different kinds, such as puppets controlled either by threads or hands. In some areas sticks are also used for the same and such puppets are known as Rad Puppets.  The most popular puppetry form in Kerala is the shadow puppetry or Tholpavakoothu (nizhalpaavakoothu), in which shadow of puppets are shown through the white curtain placed in front the puppets. Tholpavakoothu is a ritual art form related to the worship of Goddess Bhadrakali.

The performance of colorfully dressed puppets will be performed in specially made stage with attractive backgrounds, illuminated lights, and background music.  

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