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Rameswaram inscription

The Rameswaram inscription is found at the Rameswaram temple in Kollam. It says that Ramathiruvadi started residing at the Panangavil palace in the Chingam month of Kollavarsham 278 (AD 1102).

It says about a penalty imposed on the king for committing some sin towards the Brahmins associated with the temple. A meeting of the four Thalis and Arya Brahmins directed the king to donate land to the temple which would be sufficient for the temple to get one para (a measuring vessel) of paddy everyday.

This inscription shows the growth of Brahmin supremacy which even helped them to impose a fine on the king.  

The Ramathiruvadi mentioned in the inscription is believed to be Ramavarma, the last Kulasekhara Perumal. Ramavarma Kulasekharan is believed to have shifted his residence from his capital Mahodayapuram to Kollam, the capital of Venad, which also part of his kingdom.

The Perunna inscription says that Kulasekhara Koyiladhikarikal spent several years at the Nediya Thaliyil in Kodungallur after the decline of Mahodayapuram. The Kulasekhara Koyiladhikarikal could be the Ramathiruvadi.

Venad became an independent kingdom during the time of Ramathiruvadi (Ramavarma Kulasekharan).

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