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Regional Offices

In order to preserve and protect archival materials there are three large repositories under the State Archival Departments.

Central Archives, Thiruvananthapuram
The main repository of the erstwhile Travancore State was the ‘Husoor Central Vernacular Records’ established in 1887 in a double-storied building. Today’s State Archival Department is a continuation of the age-old repository. Most of the materials are in the form of palm leaves. These materials on palm leaves throw light on the erstwhile Travancore history, boundary disputes, High Court writs, harbour - related notes, books, Fort St. George Gazette, Proceedings of the Sree Moolam Praja Sabha, showcase exhibits etc, are also available.

Central Archives,
Fort, Thiruvananthapuram - 695 023
Tel: +91 471  2478728

Office Head:
Mr. L. Anil, Superintendent

Head of Records
Mr. E. V. Vasudev, Archivist
Mobile: +91 9495308044

Regional Archives, Erankulam
The Regional Archives at Ernakulam contains priceless ancient materials relating to the beginning of the erstwhile Cochin State. Some of the important documents maintained here are on palm lees, copper plate inscriptions, paper noting, files, royal proclamations, garsonic manuscripts, materials in Persian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Urdu, Sanskrit, Marathi, Gujarathi, Kannada, Malayalam diaries, English diaries of Diwans, Letters of Residents, maps, palms, materials related with the Jewish Community, Kongini materials, Gazetttes, Almanacs etc.

Regional Archives
Near Taluk Office
Kochi, Ernakulam -11
Tel: +91 484 236986

Office Head:
Ms. S.J. Ambikadevi, Archivist serves as Superintendent
Mobile: +91 9496882780

Regional Archives – Kozhikode
The regional archives at Kozhikode showcase valuable materials on the Malabar region which was part of the Madras Residency. The important documents kept here are: RDD files of the Malabar District Collector, Inam Register, Fort St. George Gazette, Gazette of India, Malabar District Gazette, palm leaf materials, Report on Administration, Publications on Agriculture, Census, Moral Codes, Fishing, and Survey Maps etc.

Regional Archives
Civil Station, Kozhikode
Tel: +91 495 2373701

Office Head:
Mr. V. M. Sukesh Das,
Tel: +91 495 2373701

Mr. P.K. Sajeev,
Mobile: +91 9447371703

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