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Nei Pathiri (Ney Pathal)


Brown rice – 1 cup
Water – 2 cups
Grated coconut – ½ cup
Chopped shallots – 6 nos
Cumin seeds – 1 tsp
Salt – ½ tsp
Rice powder – 6 tsp
Plantain leaf spread with oil or Plastic sheet
Ghee – 3 cups

Method of Preparation:

Soak rice in water overnight. Strain it the next morning. Grind the strained rice in mixer with coconut, shallots, salt and cumin seeds. Add enough water to grind. Add rice powder to it and make it into soft dough. Make round balls. Press these balls under plastic sheet/ plantain leaf. It should be of the size of a poori. To get correct shape, use a sharp round mold. Fry these in low flame with ghee. Press the center so that it fluffs well. Remove the extra ghee by placing it on a tissue paper. Tasty ghee pathiri is ready.


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