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Kerala Parotta


Maida – 1 cup
Warm water – 1.2 cup
Salt - as required
Oil - as required
Soda powder – a pinch

Method of Preparation:

In a bowl, mix maida, salt and soda powder. Add warm water to it. Add required amount of oil to it. Knead the dough. Allow it to ferment for 1 hour. Make 5 lemon sized balls with it. Flatten and spread it to form big disc shape. Spread oil on it. From one side take pleats (as of taking pleats of a sari) to the other end. Now roll from one end to the other in a circular shape and fold one end of the roll to the inner end of it. Spread oil above it. Press it with your hands or using a roller, flatten it to a medium sized disc with frills. Now, spread oil in a pan and shallow fry the parotta. Fry both the sides by applying oil on both the sides. Beat it while it is hot and try to open the frills (different layers can be observed). Kerala Parotta is ready!


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