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Egg – 18 nos
Separate egg whites and yolk.
Sugar – 500 gm
Water – 3 cups
Method of Preparation:
Put a hole in the center of coconut shell (chiratta). Keep a pan on flame. Add 2 cups of water in it and dissolve sugar to make sugar syrup. Strain this through a neat cloth. Boil this syrup again and make them into a thread like pattern when dropped. Close the hole of the coconut shell with the finger and fill it with the egg yolk. Place it above the sugar syrup (boiling) and move your finger and fill the egg yolk. Let the egg yolk flow through the hole into the sugar syrup like a chain structure. Pour in circles, and after the entire egg yolks are dropped keep the flame low. Sprinkle water on it and remove from the flame and move it to a strainer and finally to a plate. Keep kinnathappam in the center of it. 
Now we will see how to prepare kinnathappam.
Kinnathappam: -

Whisk all the separated 18 egg whites properly. Let the sugar syrup cool down. Add this to the egg white. Whisk again. Add cardamom powder and mix well. In a pressure cooker, add some water and let it boil. Place a pan rubbed properly with ghee on all sides (on top of the boiling water). Add the egg white syrup in it and let it cook properly with the cooker closed. Let it cool and cut properly. Place it in the center of the mutta mala.


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