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Rice powder – 2 cups
Grated coconut – 1 cup
Salt – as required
Water - as required

Method of Preparation:

Roast rice powder till it changes its colour. Let it cool. Now add salt and sprinkle water and mix well without forming lumps. Just grind once in a mixer if lumps are formed. It will get firm if we press the mixture with hands. Water should not be too much or too less. Keep puttu pot on flame and fill the bottom part with water. Place the “chillu” or lid on the bottom of the puttu pipe. Now fill the top pipe with grated coconut and then with the puttu flour. Fill till the top with both flour and coconut in the same way. Close it and steam cook it. Now move the puttu to a plate. The best side dish for this is banana/ channa curry/ steamed green gram or Pappad.


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