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Roasted rice powder – 2 cups
Maida – ¼ cup
Jaggery – 3 nos
Sesame seeds – ½ tsp
Dried coconut bits – ½ cup
Small banana (Palayam Thodan pazham) – ½ Kg
Sugar – ¼ cup
Grated coconut – ½ cup
Cardamom powder – ¼ tsp
Sugar – a pinch
Soda powder – a pinch
Ghee – 3 tsp
Oil - as required
Water – 1 cup

Method of Preparation:

Grind well the grated coconut. Dissolve jaggery in ¼ cup of boiled water. Fry coconut bits in ghee. Roast sesame seeds. In a bowl, mix rice powder, maida, sugar, salt, soda powder, grated coconut, fried coconut bits, jaggery syrup (jaggery cooked in water), sesame seeds, cardamom powder, banana paste (banana ground to make a paste in mixer). It should be of idli batter consistency. If needed add water or milk. Let the batter set for 2-3 hours. Take the unniyappam pan with molds in it. Keep it on the flame. On each mold add oil and let it boil. Now scoop a spoon of batter and fill up to half of the mold.  When it looks cooked, with the help of a stick turn the unniyappam to make sure its cooked in all sides.  Fry it until it is completely cooked. The unniyappam pan is also called as “Appakkara” vessel which would give unniyappam proper shape. If the batter seems to be less sweet, add more sugar. After frying garnish it with powdered sugar on top.


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