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Raw rice – 4 cups
Grated coconut – 1 cup
Cooked rice – ½ cup
Soda powder – ¼ tsp
Yeast – ½ packet
Salt - as required
Sugar – 1 cup
Cardamom powder – ¼ tsp
Cashew nuts, raisins – 3 tsp each
Ghee – 2 tsp

Method of Preparation:

Soak rice for 4 -5 hours. Ferment yeast with 1 tsp of sugar and warm water. Grind raw rice, coconut and cooked rice together. Add fermented yeast to the ground mixture along with salt. Keep it for fermentation overnight. Add soda powder and sugar to the fermented batter. Roast cashew nuts and raisins in ghee. Add cardamom powder to this mixture. Spread ghee in the pan and pour this to the pan. Steam it in an idli maker. Cut it into desired shapes.


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