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Shringara is the one of the nine rasas of the Navarasas.

Shringara is the rasa used to portray on stage romantic love between a man and woman. Desire is the primary emotion expressed through shringara rasa. Shringara is of two types – Sambhoga shringara and Vipralambha shringara. Sambhoga is the state when the hero and the heroine are together or united. The state when they are apart is Vipralambha.

While the heartache and pain of separation from the loved one is conveyed through Vipralambha, the intense desire for the lover is conveyed through Sambhoga.

While acting out Shringara rasa, the performer sports a sideward glance, a gentle smile, slightly raised and quivering eyebrows and a joyous face. In Mohiniyattom, one of Kerala’s classical dance forms, Vipralambha shringara is a common theme and exquisitely portrayed.

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