Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala

Maricheeni or Tapioca puzhukku

Peel tapioca and chop them into small pieces. Remove the twine-like hard part in the middle and then boil the pieces with some water. If the tapioca is of a hard variety and has a bitter taste, it should be boiled in water and the water removed – twice - before it is ready for adding the other ingredients.

Once it is cooked, mix in salt to taste. Now make a paste- not too smooth – of grated coconut, turmeric powder, chilli powder, cumin seeds, and garlic – along with a few curry leaves. Add some water to the paste and pour it into the tapioca. Bring the contents to boil and then remove it from the fire. With that, your tapioca puzhukku is ready to be eaten.

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