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Thazhekad Church inscription

The Thazekad inscription at the Thazekad church near Irinjalakuda was carved in the Vattezhuthu alphabet during the third year of rule of Kulasekhara Perumal Rajasimhan (1021-1043). As the Cheramanar Rajasimhan mentioned in the Mannarkovil inscriptions (1034, 1036) is the Rajasimhar mentioned in the Thazekad inscription, the period of the carving is believed to be AD 1024.

The inscription is about conferring some rights to two Christian traders named Chathan Vadukan and Eravi Chathan of Manigramam. They were also given the right to build a shop and church at Thazekad. The trade organisations at that time centred around main institutions in the area. Hence some historians believe that the Thazhekad church was an institution of Chathan Vadukan and Eravi Chathan.  

Another inscription in the church is the Avittathur inscription issued by Kotharavi in AD 917.

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