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Thiruvalla Cheppedukal

The Thiruvalla Cheppedukal are the inscriptions found at the Sreevallabha temple, Thiruvalla that date back to twelfth century. They mention about the social institutions, customs and practices that existed then.

The Moozhikkulam Kacham is mentioned in the Thiruvalla Cheppedukal which points to the fact that the Moozhikulam Kacham was not restricted to checking the corruption of Ooralanmar. A condition in the inscription is that Idangazhi (a measuring vessel) of ghee should be provided for the thiruvamrithu (special savouring) to the God. The karalan who defaults it should pay 50 kazhanju gold to the king, 25 kazhanju gold to the Oorala sabha and 12.50 kazhanju gold to the ruler.

It can be learned from the inscriptions that the karalan paid paattam (rent) to the owners in the rates 2/5, 1/5 and 1/3. The wordings "kadappanangadu bhoomiyum aalum" and "kuzhikkaattu bhoomiyum aalum" point to the fact that there were permanent workers for each farmland.

The inscription says that 27,105 paras (para is a measuring vessel) of paddy were required for the kedavilakku and naivedyam rituals of the temple. Free education, food and accommodation were given to over 100 chithiranmar (meaning Brahmin students) at the Thiruvalla Salai.

The inscription says that 350 nazhi (nazhi is a measuring vessel) of rice was spent a day for the meals of around 175 chithiranmar during Onam. The temple had paddy land where 12,634 kalam (one kalam = 10 para) paddy was sown for feeding the Brahmins. The inscription also has indications on a hospital which functioned along with the temple.

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