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Thrikkodithanam Inscriptions

The Thrikkodithanam stone inscriptions are found at the Thrikkodithanam Lord Vishnu temple at Changanassery in Kottayam district. The temple is one of the 108 Thiruppathis which are important shrines to the Vaishnavites. 13 of these shrines are in Kerala.

One of the inscription is on the north-west wall of the sanctum sanctorum. It was inscribed in the fourteenth year (AD 976) of the reign of Kulasekhara king Bhaskara Ravivarma. The inscription in the vattezhuthu alphabet bans the appointment of priests, Mahabharata pattathanakkar or Ooralnmar by accepting bribe.

Another condition in the inscription is to provide the ghee for the Karthikavilakku festivities (in the Vrishchikam month) before Samkranthi, failing which, a penalty should be given to the king. It also says that Venad king Srevallabhan Kotha donated land for conducting the "Uthirolsavam", a festival, of the temple.

Kotha's successor Govardhana Marthandan facilitated some other arrangements for the festival, according to the inscription.

The inscription on the south wall of the sanctum sanctorum has an indication that some kingly duties were assigned to Govardhana Marthandan.

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