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Varalur inscription

The Varalur inscription is a Kannada inscription discovered from the Jain temple atop a hill at Varalur village near Panamaram in Wayanad district, Kerala. The temple is believed to have been built in the 19th century.

The inscription provides information on the Jain centres and shrines that existed in Wayanad in the 17th century. It mentions about the Jain temples at Arepathi, Bennegodu (Vennayodu), Hanneradubeedi (may be 12 veedhi meaning Bathery), Puthangadi (Hodengadi - Mananthavady), Palagathu (Palakunnu).

The Araipathi would have been on the banks of the Panamaram river, a two nazhika (a nazhika is roughly 24 minutes) distance to the west of Varalur. It is assumed that the Varalur temple was built after the deterioration of the Basti (Jain temple) here.

The Maripuram mentioned in Mooshakavamsam of Thirumaruthur Athulan described in the Unniyachi Charitham is assumed to be Varalur.

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