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Veekan Chenda

The drum Veekan Chenda, used as an accompanying instrument for temple rituals, is a percussion instrument. It is usually played during the temple rituals like abhishekam, sreebhoothabali and ulsavabali. Unlike a normal chenda, wide-ranging sounds are not produced on a Veekan Chenda. But it can add to the splendour of an ensemble when played along with thimila or chengila. A grand ensemble can be made with a performance comprising three Veekan Chendas, three timilas, two elathalams and a chengila.

The Veekan Chenda is not played with both hands. Its name is derived from the style of playing with hard beats using a stick in one hand. It is also called "achan chenda" suggesting that it is a classical instrument. Veekan Chenda's right and left heads do not have any difference. It owes its grandeur to the use of a larger stick.

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