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Veena, a stringed instrument, finds extensive coverage in the ancient texts and Vedas of the Hindus. More than a hundred types of Veenas are mentioned. Siva’s `analambi’, Saraswati’s ‘poet’, Narada`s `mahati’ (lute), sound’s `prabhavati`, Vishwavasu`s `brahati’ (Narada’s Veena) are some of them.

There are veenas ranging from one string to hundred strings. The most popular is the ‘saptathantri’ or Seven - stringed veena which produces the seven notes. Keralites have also modeled many stringed instruments on the veena like Nanthunni, Narayana veena, Pullon veena and Pulluvakudam, which are important veenas of Kerala. Though a sound instrument, the tampura, to an extent, resembles the veena.

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