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One of the Navarasas.

Veera is the passion and eagerness evoked in the heart while the person engages in fighting for good over evil, protecting a just cause and safeguarding the interests of the helpless and have-nots. Veera rasa is of four types: Dharma veera, Daya veera, Daana veera, Yudha veera. When reacting proactively to the urgings of the conscience or the call of duty, one feels Dharma veera; Daya veera rasa is the feeling evoked when responding to a call for protection; Daana veera is the eagerness to help a person reaching out to you in his need; Yudha veera is the valour and fervor of a warrior who calls his enemy out for a fight.

To portray Veera rasa, the actor attempts to inflame his face with an expression of passion by widening his pupils aggressively, raising his eyebrows (and oftentimes twitching them), stretching his eyelids, and raising his cheek bones.

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