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Velvikkudi Cheppedukal

The Velvikkudi Cheppedukal are copper plates discovered by the British from Madakkulam. 155 lines are inscribed on the ten copper plates. The lines from one to thirty and 143 to 150 are in Sanskrit grantha alphabet. The rest of the lines are in Tamil Vattezhuthu alphabet. The cheppedukal date back to eighth century.

It says about Pandya king Palayaga Mudikudumi Peruvadi giving Velvikkudi village as a gift to chief priest Narikkoravan. During this time, the Kalabhra king invaded Tamilakam (Tamil Nadu). Paranthaka Nedumchadayan retrieves the Tamilakam from the Kalabhras. Korkkai Kamakkannu Narasimham, the successor of Narikkoravan, receives the right of Velvikkudi village from  Paranthaka Nedumchadayan at Madurai.

The reference to the attack of the Kalabhras throws light on the history of Tamilakam and Kerala before eighth century. The inscription also mentions about Kochadayan Ranadheeran (AD 700-730) son of Pandya king Arikesari defeating the Ay king at Maruthur. While some historians claim that Maruthur is near the present-day Ambasamudram in Tamil Nadu, some others claim that it is Maruthur, situated 15 km north east of Neyyattinkara in Kerala. The latter claim has more credibility.

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